About Us

The Bible Tags project is, by principle, open-source. Thus, all the code behind the project and data produced by the project is freely available for any person or organization to utilize however they desire.
The management of this website, the Bible Tags team of volunteers, and fund-raising for the advancement of the project is facilitated by Gospel Paths Corportation, a nonprofit out of North Carolina.

Gospel Paths Corporation Board of Directors:

Andrew Hubert

Andy loves to help people study the Bible more deeply through online Bible courses and tools, doing so primarily through Biblearc. God has blessed him with a wife and four children, and the joy of serving the Lord in all he does.
Role: President/Treasurer

Timothy Gremore

Tim is married to Natalie and father to 5 lovable kids. He is an elder at Jacob’s Well (church) and enjoys helping with Sunday morning worship audio. Tim enjoys camping, hiking, and working with tech startups.
Role: Vice-President

William Sturm

Bill serves as the Senior Pastor at Sandy Ridge Baptist Church of Hickory, NC. He is a student of Scripture, his family, people, gardening, construction, and electricity. He enjoys His Bible, sharing the Gospel, napping, war, ethics, politics, and soccer. He is happily married to Nikki–his wife of 22 years, and they have three children and two grandchildren.
Role: Secretary

Presently, funds raised by Gospel Paths Corporation for the Bible Tags project are being used to hire out Resourcing Education (the same team behind Biblearc) to lead the advancement of this project, with Andy Hubert currently serving as the Bible Tags Project Director.