By Andy Hubert
July 1, 2022
We thank God for your interest in the Bible Tags Team! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
Our Vision
You probably already know some of what we are about if you are on this page, but just in case, here is a recap. ...
By Andy Hubert
June 30, 2022
Tons of work has been poured in the Bible Tags project in the past several months. As with any project, there have been curve balls and unexpected delays, but at last we are done with Phase 3! See the bottom of this post for more particulars on that, but first let’s cut to the chase and announce the release of the first app empowered by Bible Tags beta.
Bible Tags BETA App Template Features
The ability for all users to “tag” verses to the original languages, with extensive instructions on how to do ...
By Andy Hubert
June 13, 2022
Information coming soon...
By Andy Hubert
February 11, 2022
We are pleased to announce the release of data for the Greek and Hebrew biblical texts with variants included in an apparatus. This is an important step within Phase 3 of our project as it provides the basis for which to tag any and every translation of the Bible.
unfoldingWord is a wonderful organization, serving the advance of the Church and see the Scriptures translated into every language. Building on the work of many others, they have produced a completely open source digital version of the OT Hebrew Bible (called the unfoldingWord Hebrew Bible, or UHB) and Greek NT (called the unfoldingWord Greek New Testament, or UGNT). These fully parsed texts will serve as the basis for the Hebrew and Greek tools of the Bible Tags ...
By Andy Hubert
January 19, 2022
We are pleased to announce the first completed task of Phase 3. As listed in Phases & Costs, we have finished the “open-source release of all code with instructions for contributing.”
Are you a JavaScript programmer? You are welcome to contribute. After reading through the README of the primary repo, check issues. (There is nothing there at the time of writing, but items to be added shortly.)
Up next, we will be integrating manuscript ...