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By Andy Hubert
July 1, 2022
We thank God for your interest in the Bible Tags Team! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Our Vision

You probably already know some of what we are about if you are on this page, but just in case, here is a recap.
It is our goal to see every Christian worldwide with free access to the Bible, tagged to the original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek, with parsing and lexical information—all in their own language.
Visit the Bible Tags homepage for a lot more information and to watch the project video.

Why a Team of Volunteers?

We are working hard to make the Bible Tags vision much bigger than a nice idea or personal pet project, and a big part of doing so is expanding the circle of folks taking ownership. That is why the Bible Tags project is being advanced by the nonprofit Gospel Paths Corporation, supported by the local church of the Project Director (Sandy Ridge Baptist Church of Hickory, NC), working in partnership with Biblearc and Bethlehem College and Seminary, and largely being executed by the gospel-minded company Resourcing Education.
For this same reason, we are recruiting a team of volunteers whose contribution will be critical to the success of this project. Just look through the Available Roles section below and consider the potential. Surely if God would be pleased to provide us with such help, our impact and service will multiply greatly!

Who Are We Looking For?

There are three core requirements for members of the Bible Tags Team of Volunteers:
  1. You must agree with the Essentials section of Gospel Path’s statement of faith
  2. You must possess the basic skill and/or experience for the role you are interested in (see below) Note: Training will be provided for the particulars of each role.
  3. You must commit to volunteer at least five hours per month for three months Of course, those able to give more time and/or serve longer are welcome!

Available Roles


Reach out to Bible societies and other organizations about publishing their own Bible Tags powered apps. Brainstorm and pursue creative ways to spread the word.
Great for folks with contagious personalities, who love telling others about worthy Christian initiatives. Must be: (a) a clear communicator, (b) willing to take initiative, and (c) persistent to follow up.

Team Organizer

Keep track of the status of all partnering organizations, translators, and team volunteers so as to assist the Project Director in effectively leading the team. (Requires a six-month commitment.)
For someone with the gift of organization and a high level of commitment. Must be: (a) able to recognize important points among many details, (b) create helpful summary reports, and (c) communicate effectively with team members.


Make contributions to the open-source apps in coordination with the Project Director and/or write scripts to convert digital Bible translation formats to USFM.
Perfect for programmers who want to serve the advance of the kingdom of God with their coding skills. Must be: (a) already a proficient programmer, (b) able to understand, execute, and test coding tasks, and (c) preferably experienced with at least some of the following: JavaScript, NodeJS, React Native.

App Launch Tech

Assist Bible societies and other organizations through the process of publishing their own Bible Tags-powered apps. This includes helping with configuration files, properly formatting graphics, and setting up app submissions in the app stores.
A good option for technically-minded Christians who are not experienced programmers. Must be: (a) able to clearly communicate via email, (b) follow technical instructions, and (c) understand technical concepts related to apps.

Help Desk

Respond to questions from Bible societies and taggers, helping them overcome hurdles, directing them to the appropriate person when relevant, and collecting feedback for app and/or system improvements.
A really important role that is great for folks excited about spreading the vision of Bible Tags, but concerned they do not possess the needed initiative or personality of an Advocate. Likewise, this role is for folks who are organized, but are not able to make the commitment of Team Organizer. Must be: (a) a clear email communicator, and (b) able to be consistent in checking emails.


Help us work with Bible societies to get Bible translations in your language available in Bible Tags-powered apps and/or translate the app’s user interface into your language.
This is the role for you if you are proficient in another language and desire to see the Bible Tags project equipping pastors and other Christians in your language with great Bible study tools. Must be: (a) proficient in English and another language, (b) a clear communicator via email, and (c) consistent and responsive.

Join our next informational meeting for potential volunteers.

Please introduce yourself and indicate the role you are interested in. We’ll be in touch!