Bible Tags is an initiative aimed at providing original language Bible study tools to the entire world. We seek to achieve this goal through our open-source Bible app template, smart crowdsourcing data production system, and partnerships around the world.

Original language Bible study is necessary.

Reading the Bible in the original languages is not just a good idea. It is imperative for pastors and other church leaders—not just in the West, but throughout the world—for the advance of the Gospel.

Our Vision

It is our goal to see every Christian worldwide with free access to the Bible, tagged to the original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek, with parsing and lexical information—all in their own language.

Why Bible Tags?

There are two great barriers to original language Bible study for pastors and other Christians worldwide. The Bible Tags vision aims to eliminate both of these barriers.


While there are many wonderful original language Bible study tools in English, these exist in few other languages. Thus, leaders of the global church must first learn English and then struggle to use original language Bible study tools for two ancient languages in a non-native tongue! For most, this simply means the original languages are not used in the study of Scripture. Bible Tags changes this.
There is also the cost of Bible study software. While pastors in the West can afford to pay hundreds of dollars for Bible programs, many around the world cannot. The Bible Tags app template and embeddable widget will be 100% free.

How It Works

We are creating an app template that Bible societies everywhere can use with their version of the Bible. This app template is completely free and open-source, fueling an ever-expanding hub of original language tagging data—which also will be freely available to all. Through innovative crowdsourcing techniques, this project will produce data for any and every Bible translation. As this happens, the apps will become more and more powerful tools for original language Bible study for pastors around the world.
Consider this diagram to get a better idea of the process.
We will also release a beautiful, user-friendly widget that can be embedded into websites globally.

Huge, Attainable

With close to 2,000 languages with Bible translations, it is an understatement to call this a big vision. And yet, it is attainable—if God would bless it—once the Bible Tags app template and widget are fully developed, tested, and unleashed.

Partner With Us

Equip Christians globally with a Bible tagged in their own language.

This mission is only possible when we, as the body of Christ, come together to help. We need Christians willing to join hands with us to see this vision become a reality. We need your help!
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From the team behind...

I love the Bible-saturated, creative, visionary leadership behind Biblearc. Now they have a huge dream of tagging with Greek and Hebrew all the languages in the world that have Bible translations. Take a deep breath and consider that dream and prayer.
—John Piper

The scope of this project leaves me breathless—and hopeful. I have always been convinced that indigenous pastors and Bible teachers will help their indigenous churches to be more indigenous if a growing number of them can benefit from their own original language study and not be dependent on westerners or others who have the amazing privilege of in-depth training in the biblical languages.
—Tom Steller

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