Do you know Biblical Hebrew or Greek?

The Ultimate Win-Win for Hebrew and Greek Students

There are few better ways to work on your biblical language skills than marking how each word or phrase in a verse is translated in your favorite translation. Do this very thing via a Bible Tags app.
This practice both expands your vocabulary and challenges your grammatical understanding. And being on your phone, it is wonderfully convenient for your “in-between” times—waiting for a meeting to start, just before turning out the lights at night, or whenever. Taking 5 minutes to tag a verse will be far more fruitful for your mind and soul than checking the news or social media!
And this is also a win for Christian service. By contributing tags, you are helping the next person who comes across that verse—someone who might just be learning the biblical languages or dabbling with original language tools. More still, you are helping advance a project that aims to strengthen the church in every nation of the world.
For it is our goal at Bible Tags to see every Christian worldwide with free access to the Bible, tagged to the original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek, with parsing and lexical information—all in their own language. By connecting words between the original languages and a translation (what we call “tagging”), you help us achieve this aim. And the more people who tag, the better tagging data becomes. So we invite you to tag often...and encourage your friends to do the same!

Two Ways to Tag

1. As A Part of Your Personal Bible Study

As you study a passage, you may notice a message indicating that a verse is yet untagged or unconfirmed. Take a minute to tag that verse. Even better, begin your study a section of scripture by first tagging it!
(Note: If you begin tagging from a specific verse, you will see a “Tag the next verse” button after submitting tags. This will present you with the very next verse in the Bible.)

2. Work on Your Hebrew or Greek + Help Advance the Project

Set aside a chunk of time every day to tag whichever verses are up next. Do so by opening the main menu and tapping “Tag Hebrew verses” or “Tag Greek verses.”
(Note: If you begin tagging from the main menu, you will see a “Tag another verse” button after submitting tags. This will present you with the next verse in Hebrew or Greek according to priority.)

Connect for Encouragement

We would love to connect you to the lead tagger for your language. This person will email out encouragements and goals for tagging that language. So please reach out!

Please indicate your language and describe your proficiency level for biblical Hebrew and/or Greek.