Data Release: Hebrew and Greek Texts With Apparatus

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By Andy Hubert
February 11, 2022
We are pleased to announce the release of data for the Greek and Hebrew biblical texts with variants included in an apparatus. This is an important step within Phase 3 of our project as it provides the basis for which to tag any and every translation of the Bible.
unfoldingWord is a wonderful organization, serving the advance of the Church and see the Scriptures translated into every language. Building on the work of many others, they have produced a completely open source digital version of the OT Hebrew Bible (called the unfoldingWord Hebrew Bible, or UHB) and Greek NT (called the unfoldingWord Greek New Testament, or UGNT). These fully parsed texts will serve as the basis for the Hebrew and Greek tools of the Bible Tags project.
The Center for New Testament Restoration is another wonderful Christian organization. Through this organization, Alan Bunning has labored to collect, digitalize, organize, and freely distribute ancient manuscript data for the Greek New Testament.

Our Recent Progress

We have recently taken the Center for new Testament Restoration’s open source data and integrated it into the UGNT, added in comparison data of other critical GNT texts, and unifed the way alternate readings of the UHB (ketiv and qere) are presented. The outcome being an original language digital Bible with one of the most comprehensive apparatuses in existence. You can find the data here.