Phases & Costs

PHASE 1: Exploration

Completed ✅

  • General design of technology stack and user interface
  • Collect feedback on design and concept

PHASE 2: Initial build of the technology stack

Completed ✅

App demos: iOS Android (Or search "HaEdut" in the app stores) Widget demo: Biblearc’s Hebrew course (click one of the Hebrew words of Exodus 1:1-4)
  • Server setup for delivering data
  • Basic build of app template suite
  • General functionality and app navigation
  • Display translation texts and original languages
  • Basic build of widget
  • Corresponding functionality

PHASE 3: Minimal feature beta release of sample app suite


  • Integrate manuscript variants (GitHub) and complex original language search core (GitHub) – done
  • Give users ability to contribute tags – done
  • Build out server logic for vetting tag contributions (GitHub) – done
  • Help launch a beta version of Biblearc’s new Bible Tags based app suite (to serve as “proof of concept”) – done
  • Open-source release of all code with instructions for contributing (GitHub) – done

PHASE 4: Partnership development and refinement of app templates

Funding needed: $12k (32% already raised)

  • Refine the user interface
  • Add key how-to guides
  • Fully develop a user-interface translation process
  • Code an easy-to-use Bible translation import script
  • Publish instructions for creating a Bible Tags based app suite
  • Make up-to-date tagging data available to the public – done
  • Fix bugs
  • Form a team of volunteers to promote and advance the project – done
  • Develop a list of Bible societies interested in releasing Bible Tags based apps
  • Seek out other key partnerships with online Bible study tools, Bible translators, missions organizations, etc

PHASE 5: Release version 1.0 of app templates

Funding needed: $10k

  • Optional user authentication
  • Produce instructional and inspirational videos for the project
  • Improve with additional features, such as:
  • Tagging status updates and encouragements for taggers
  • Improved search interface
  • Synonyms
  • Related words
  • Images of plants, animals, constellations, etc
  • Alternative names
  • Alternative individuals/locations with the same name
  • Etc.
  • All-out outreach, widely seeking to help Bible societies and other organizations who will benefit from Bible Tags apps



Full support for Bible societies and other Christian organizations needing assistance in launching their Bible Tags based app
  • Converting a translation to USFM format
  • Setting up app branding
  • Releasing to the app stores

PHASE 6: Release version 1.0 of widget

Funding needed: $8k

  • Integrate tagging functionality to widget
  • Launch easy-to-use instructions on
  • Announce and promote


How long will the project take to complete once funded?

The funding will take 1-2 months to come through GoFundMe, and each phase will likewise take between 2-3 months. That means that once a phase is funded, it should take 3-5 months to see that phase completed. Once all remaining phases are funded, it should take no more than 10 months to have the project complete and powering Bible apps throughout the world.

What about providing Hebrew and Greek grammars in end-user languages?

That’s a great idea! However, it is presently beyond the scope of this project. But, given the open-source nature of Bible Tags, others are welcome to build upon our work in this way. One idea would be to provide Hebrew and Greek grammars from unfoldingWord in the “gateway languages” within the apps.